Virginia Information Technology

We utilize technology to leverage legacy systems, reduce redundancy and inconsistencies, and streamline processes.

Information Technology Core Capabilities

We provide IT solutions to improve operational effectiveness with cost efficiencies. We develop software that is: scalable, supporting any organization size; user-friendly, promoting easy adoption with minimal training; and readily accessible across the enterprise, providing transparency and eliminating data conflicts. Our Information Technology service offering is comprised of four Core Capabilities. These capabilities provide a comprehensive set of proven approaches for solving complex problems:

  • Software Engineering & Development
    • Customized Web-based IT Tools
    • Resource Allocation & Scheduling Tools
    • Training & Records Management Tools
  • Data Management
    • Data Ontology
    • Vocabulary Definition
    • Enterprise Architecture Design
    • Data Taxonomy & Standards
    • Database Integrity & Security
  • Data Quality
    • Process Based Error Formation Analysis
    • Data Cleansing Technologies
  • Data Visualization
    • Data Communication Schemes
    • Data Collection Methods
    • Management Dashboards