TimePiece™ is a web-based scheduling software that facilitates the scheduling of resources in a dynamic operational environment.

TimePiece™: A Case Study in Scheduling Software

TimePiece™ is a web-based scheduling and management tool for allocating resources, including personnel and assets, across an enterprise to fulfill critical mission requirements. It was developed to ensure integrity and accuracy in the schedules for the Air Force’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) forces.

Introduction and Problem Statement

The 20th Air Force maintains and operates the Air Force’s ICBM force, providing on-alert, combat-ready ICBMs to the President of the United States. The ICBM mission requires staffing trained and certified personnel for alert shifts (alerts) to geographically separated operation centers (op centers). Personnel must be scheduled for daily alerts, as well as monthly training and annual certifications. The schedules must include the op center staffing and the training events, training assets, and trainers necessary to maintain current certification for all personnel.

Kepler’s Solution: TimePiece™

Kepler developed TimePiece™ to aid in scheduling large, complex workforces to fulfill monthly alert and training requirements, while adhering to business rules and constraints that limit personnel scheduling. TimePiece™ enables schedulers to add, delete, view, and modify alert and training events, assigning required personnel and assets to the events for event execution. It facilitates scheduling by populating events based on defined business rules and by providing mitigating options to violated constraints. TimePiece™ provides a multitude of reports that capture important metrics on the schedules, enabling schedulers to be proactive in assigning personnel and resources to meet monthly requirements. TimePiece™ also provides visibility throughout the organization, ensuring horizontal and vertical coordination of resources, both across squadrons and up & down chains of command.