Founded in 2002, Kepler Research, Inc. specializes in providing acquisition services, advanced analytics support, and information technology solutions. Our company philosophy emphasizes client focus, trust, teamwork, creativity and constant learning. Our team of subject matter experts and talented young professionals embrace challenges and continuously set higher goals to stretch their horizons.

Our people truly are our greatest asset. Our employees are held in the highest regard by our clients for their unparalleled expertise, professional insights and ability to deliver. Because of our people, Kepler has built long-term partnerships with our clients, enabling us to serve as trusted advisors for senior leaders.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds, such as: government and defense, business and industry, and academia and research. Many are veterans, and nearly all have advanced degrees. They work for Kepler because they are passionate about solving problems and desire to make a difference in this world.

Kepler leadership brings the vision and guidance that pushes our company to further advancements. They lay the foundation for our culture, and exemplify how hard work and passion result in success.