New Case Studies Posted

Kepler Adds Case Studies to Service Offering Pages

We recently released two case studies, with one more close behind, describing how we applied our capabilities to solve specific problems. The goal of the case studies is to define a problem experienced by one of our clients, and then briefly describe our solution to alleviating that problem. Each case study will highlight one or more service offerings, and are often tied to a specific set of core capabilities.

Current Case Studies

Case studies are currently accessible through their respective Service Offering main page.
The two case studies currently available on our website are:

  • The MDA Source Selection Support Team – in which our team excelled in mitigating risks associated with Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) source selections by conducting in-depth analysis and mitigation of forecasted risks. The team was recognized for their excellence in mitigating risks associated with six critical MDA source selections, ensuring optimum acquisition performance and absolute success of the evaluation teams.

  • TimePiece™ – a case study about our web-based scheduling software that facilitates the scheduling of resources in a dynamic operational environment. TimePiece™ enables schedulers to add, delete, view, and modify alert and training events, assigning required personnel and assets to the events for event execution. It was developed to ensure integrity and accuracy in the schedules for the Air Force’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) forces. TimePiece™ provides visibility throughout the organization, ensuring horizontal and vertical coordination of resources.

Another case study on Resource Allocation is in final review and will be posted shortly. The Resource Allocation case study will cover modeling techniques applied to a crew scheduling problem. The model created optimizes the assignment of Air Force personnel and assets to fulfill critical mission requirements. The case study will also contain a link to the white paper that provides greater detail on the problem and Kepler’s approach, with a little shallow diving into the mathematics behind the model. We did not want to go too far with the math and scare anyone off due to causing horrific flashbacks to their days in Linear or Integer Programming classes (classes that this author, a math nerd, loved).

Keep checking back to see more case studies about how we have applied our capabilities to solving unique problems!


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