Free Online Courses from Stanford University

Stanford University Offers More Free Online Courses in 2012

We stumbled upon this just recently: Stanford University has joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in offering free online courses to the public. Beginning in Fall 2011, Stanford started offering free online courses taught by their university professors, calling it a “bold experiment in distributed education“. They currently offer courses in the following fields of study: Civil Engineering, Complex Systems, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Medicine. Students taking the courses do not receive university credit, but do gain rich knowledge in a variety of interesting subjects, so why not try it?

Stanford expanded their course offerings in Spring 2012, and continue to add courses monthly. Some of the interesting courses being offered are:

  • Game Theory
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

For a full listing of ongoing and upcoming courses, visit Class Central for more information.

Happy Learning!

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